Preprint Papers

  1. Efficient Attribute Unlearning: Towards Selective Removal of Input Attributes from Feature Representations [pdf]
    Tao Guo, Song Guo, Jiewei Zhang, Wenchao Xu, Junxiao Wang
    arXiv:2202.13295, 2022

Conference Papers

  1. A Survey on Gradient Inversion: Attacks, Defenses and Future Directions [pdf]
    Rui Zhang, Song Guo, Junxiao Wang (correspondence), Xin Xie, Dacheng Tao
    International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2022, Survey track

  2. Federated Unlearning via Class-Discriminative Pruning [pdf]
    Junxiao Wang, Song Guo, Xin Xie, Heng Qi
    ACM The Web Conference (WWW) 2022

  3. Protect Privacy from Gradient Leakage Attack in Federated Learning [pdf]
    Junxiao Wang, Song Guo, Xin Xie, Heng Qi
    IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM) 2022

  4. HBL-Sketch: A New Three-Tier Sketch for Accurate Network Measurement [pdf]
    Keyan Zhao, Junxiao Wang, Heng Qi, Xin Xie, Keqiu Li
    International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing (ICA3PP) 2019

  5. A Framework for Resource-aware Online Traffic Classification Using CNN [pdf]
    Wanqian Zhang, Junxiao Wang, Sheng Chen, Heng Qi, Keqiu Li
    International Conference on Future Internet Technologies (CFI) 2019

  6. An Effective Network Intrusion Detection Framework Based on Learning to Hash [pdf]
    Wenrui Zhou, Yuan Cao, Heng Qi, Junxiao Wang
    IEEE International Conference on Smart Internet of Things (SmartIoT) 2019

  7. CLICK-UP: Towards Software Upgrades of Click-driven Stateful Network Elements [pdf]
    Junxiao Wang, Yuchen Huang, Heng Qi, Keqiu Li, Steve Uhlig
    ACM SIGCOMM Conference 2018, Demo track

Journal Papers

  1. Efficient Integrity Authentication Scheme for Large-scale RFID Systems [pdf]
    Xin Xie, Xiulong Liu, Junxiao Wang, Song Guo, Heng Qi, Keqiu Li
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (TMC) 2022

  2. Dynamic SDN Control Plane Request Assignment in NFV Datacenters [pdf]
    Junxiao Wang, Heng Qi, Wenxin Li, Keqiu Li, Steve Uhlig, Yuxin Wang
    IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (TNSE) 2021

  3. A Blockchain-driven IIoT Traffic Classification Service for Edge Computing [pdf]
    Heng Qi, Junxiao Wang, Wenxin Li, Yuxin Wang, Tie Qiu
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoTJ) 2021

  4. Click-UP: Toward the Software Upgrade of Click-Based Modular Network Function [pdf]
    Junxiao Wang, Heng Qi, Keqiu Li, Steve Uhlig
    IEEE Systems Journal (ISJ) 2021

  5. Latency-Constrained Cost-Minimized Request Allocation for Geo-Distributed Cloud Services [pdf]
    Xinping Xu, Wenxin Li, Heng Qi, Junxiao Wang, Keqiu Li
    IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society (OJ-COMS) 2020

  6. FlowTracer: An Effective Flow Trajectory Detection Solution Based on Probabilistic Packet Tagging in SDN-Enabled Networks [pdf]
    Junxiao Wang, Heng Qi, Yang He, Wenxin Li, Keqiu Li, Xiaobo Zhou
    IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management (TNSM) 2019

  7. PRSFC-IoT: A Performance and Resource Aware Orchestration System of Service Function Chaining for Internet of Things [pdf]
    Junxiao Wang, Heng Qi, Keqiu Li, Xiaobo Zhou
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal (IoTJ) 2018